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Discover Lettr

Create your own newspaper in no time! Invite family and friends to work together and fill in our fun newspaper templates with your own photos and texts in just a few clicks. Is your paper ready for print? Then sit back and relax! We’ll print and ship your paper to your listed addresses within a week, starting from just a single copy.

Super simple

Want to make a fun newspaper with just a few clicks? Get started with our fun newspaper templates and add your own photos and texts. The app will do the rest! Add your shipping address(es) and click send! We’ll print and ship your paper within a week.

Work together

Are you working solo? Great! But you there’s nothing better than collaborating on a paper together. Invite family and friends to join your editorial team for double the fun!

Authentic look & feel

An authentic printed newspaper? You bet ya! Your paper will be printed on real newsprint and in tabloid format to give your newspaper that authentic look and feel. The delivery address will appear directly on the paper, which is then shipped to the address of choice.

How to make your unique newspaper


Download Lettr and install the free app on your smartphone

Start a new newspaper

Create a paper and invite friends and family to participate

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Add pictures and text

Upload pictures from your camera or social media and add them to your paper


We print and ship your papers to your chosen addresses once a week